Petrochemical Assurance Resources

Capital Project & Production Facilities Management

32 years of experience in the petrochemical industry

Encompassing gas, refining, chemical, and compressor stations

Professional and Technical Services

As almost all companies have realized, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified contractors to complete projects within budget and on-schedule. It is even harder to find qualified resources to manage these projects.~ Greg Chittum, Managing Member

With an older generation retiring, there is a major gap in the project management workforce in regard to experienced individuals with diverse multi-discipline backgrounds having the skills needed to manage, mitigate and overcome project execution challenges or “risks” and effectively monitor, measure and provide accurate reports of execution performance in both the home office engineering and field construction environments.

Today’s projects require skilled and experienced resources who can provide intuitive oversight, performance enhancing systems and processes to assure completion of projects in the most timely, safe, ethical and financially beneficial manner to our clients. We have at our disposal some of the most experienced successful project management and construction personnel in the United States and Canada which can be mobilized, as required, to suit project needs.